Represent Yourself in Court

A significant number of people are now representing themselves in court.  This blog is written by people who have represented themselves.  It is not written by attorneys.  This is not legal advice.  It is a sharing of experiences by those who have acted pro se.  If you decide to represent yourself in court, please do so with your eyes wide open.

You have the legal right to represent yourself in court.  While you theoretically have the right to be treated fairly and justly in court, pro se parties, those who represent themselves, are not usually treated well by judges.

Attorneys and judges belong to the same club – the state bar association.  You aren’t a club member, and you can’t be one unless you go to law school, graduate, and pass the state bar exam.  You are an outsider, and most judges are arrogant.  Your judge will assume you are incompetent from the word go.

If you decide to represent yourself in court, the odds are that you will lose.  But if you can’t afford an attorney, you have no choice.  We hope this blog will help you do the best possible job you can do.  We will share many tips.  Good luck!

The Table of Contents lists each article by subject, such as preparation for litigation, legal procedure, pre-trial, discovery, trial, appeal, and more.

William M. Windsor

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