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      It Is Possible to Win When You Represent Yourself in Court

      When I began this website, I wrote that you will probably lose when you represent yourself in court.  That’s the terrible truth.  But, it is possible to win.  I just did.

      I have an appeal pending with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  It is me, representing myself, up against the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the United States Department of Justice.

      The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a motion to dismiss my appeal and a motion to stay briefing.  I filed a response explaining why there were no grounds to dismiss the appeal.  Appellate court judges Beverly B. MartinJill A. Pryor, and Kevin C. Newsom denied both motions in an order issued June 16, 2018.

      Those of us who represent ourselves in court should be able to win if we are in the right and prepare properly.  Now, hope springs eternal that Appellate court judges Beverly B. MartinJill A. Pryor, and Kevin C. Newsom will do the right thing and grant my appeal.

      Everything I ever file is based upon my experience in the legal system.  I share all that I have learned on this website.  I encourage you to read and study what I have written on about how to represent yourself, and do online research to expand on your education.


      If you lose, you should have the right to appeal.  Read the rules about initiating an appeal in your court and for the appropriate appellate court.

      You will have to draft a Notice of Appeal.

      Many courts offer a Notice of Appeal form that you might use.  Check the Clerk of Court’s website for a form, or call and ask someone in the Clerk’s office.

      If there isn’t a form, simply draft a Notice of Appeal.  A Notice of Appeal is formatted it like any other motion: a caption.  Here is sample language that should be included in any Notice of Appeal: “Please take notice that [your name] hereby appeals to the [name of appellate court] from the judgment entered [date judgment was entered].”  Then add a date and your signature.

      Provide a Certificate of Service to the other party.

      There are deadlines for appeals.  If you want to appeal, file your Notice of Appeal immediately.

      I use the Notice of Appeal to include any additional evidence that I would like to get into the Court Record.  I always get mine sworn before a notary.