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If you lose, you should have the right to appeal.  Read the rules about initiating an appeal in your court and for the appropriate appellate court.

You will have to draft a Notice of Appeal.

Many courts offer a Notice of Appeal form that you might use.  Check the Clerk of Court’s website for a form, or call and ask someone in the Clerk’s office.

If there isn’t a form, simply draft a Notice of Appeal.  A Notice of Appeal is formatted it like any other motion: a caption.  Here is sample language that should be included in any Notice of Appeal: “Please take notice that [your name] hereby appeals to the [name of appellate court] from the judgment entered [date judgment was entered].”  Then add a date and your signature.

Provide a Certificate of Service to the other party.

There are deadlines for appeals.  If you want to appeal, file your Notice of Appeal immediately.

I use the Notice of Appeal to include any additional evidence that I would like to get into the Court Record.  I always get mine sworn before a notary.