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Judges, Attorneys, and Court Personnel Commit Fraud Upon the Court

Should you think judges, their staffs, attorneys, and court personnel, are honest, please think again.

If you are in a court, you are probably a victim.  It is important for you to understand what constitutes fraud upon the court so you will know when it is happening to you.

Fraud upon the court is extremely important because judgments and orders may be set aside whenever fraud upon the court is established.  I have reviewed cases where a judgment was set aside as many as 60 years later.

The rules and case law provide a procedure to seek relief from wrongdoing.  The bad news is that a judge has to make a finding of fraud.  My experience is that most judges are guilty, but their fellow judges cover for them.

The sad reality is that judges do whatever they want to do.  They do this in complete violation of the law while ignoring the facts.  I believe many judges commit crimes in the process.