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Fire Your Attorney

If you want to represent yourself in court and you have an attorney now, the first step is to “fire” your attorney.  That’s fun to say, but if it can be amicable, that’s best.  If you have a good relationship with the attorney, simply tell him or her that you’ve decided to represent yourself.  Explain why.  It may be as simple as you can’t afford an attorney.

The first thing I did when I began representing myself in court was to fire my attorney.  I believe he would have stopped representing me if I hadn’t fired him because he was unwilling to risk his career by battling a corrupt judge.  An attorney won’t risk his or her career pursuing an action against judges.  They know the judges are likely to get revenge.  I contacted many attorneys in an effort to find one to represent me, but no one would.

To fire your attorney, simply insist that he or she file a motion to withdraw as well as a consent to the withdrawal.

Then file a notice with the clerk of the court providing your contact information — name, address, fax, telephone, and email.  You do this because one of your responsibilities is to always keep the court informed of your current contact information.

This gives the court a record of who to contact for anything regarding the case.  A letter should be more than sufficient, but call the Clerk of the Court and ask.  Mail a copy to the other party’s attorney.  If the other party is not represented by counsel, send a copy of the letter directly to the party.

You can obtain a fax through a service called  This will enable legal faxes to come to your email to be seen only by you.  I also obtained a Post Office Box for the legal mail so all the legal mail wouldn’t come to my home.  I also used a telephone number that rang only to me.  I did these things to insulate the family from exposure to the unpleasantries of litigation.  My ex would be upset just by seeing a piece of legal mail, and you will get a lot of legal mail.

If you have to hire an attorney to represent you in court, I suggest that you go to the biggest law firm in town.  I believe the biggest firms will have “special relationships” with judges that may allow them to win.

The courts have a “just us” system that favors rich people and members of the legal club (judges, who are attorneys, and the attorneys who practice before them.

Bill Windsor


Go in With Your Eyes Open

When you represent yourself in court, please go in with your eyes open.  From my experience personally and working with thousands of victims of judicial corruption, I have found that justice in court is a myth.

I believe there are very few truly honest judges in America.  Judges do whatever they want.  They often ignore the law, the rules, and the facts.  Know this when you represent yourself in court.  Go in with your eyes open.

Those representing themselves in court will probably lose.

When I first represented myself in court, I went into the process expecting to win because mine was an easily-proven case.  I have learned that you can’t win because many judges are corrupt and most judges have a prejudice for fellow members of the bar association.  I was up against the largest law firm in the state of Georgia.  The judge had very close relationships with that law firm.

If you are up against an attorney, a member of the state bar association, you are at a tremendous disadvantage.  Judges will not give much, if any, credibility to anything you say, file, or do.

Please realize that you will probably lose in court when you represent yourself.  You won’t lose because you have a bad case or because you won’t do an adequate job of presenting your case.  You will lose because the system is corrupt.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have done much any different.  I couldn’t justify the costs of an attorney, and I felt I could do a better job than an attorney.

When I realized that the judge was corrupt, I set out to document as much wrongdoing as possible.  I wanted to build a tsunami of evidence of wrongdoing.  I thought for sure an appellate court would fix things.  Wrong again.

I took my case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I lost.  I believe they were just as dishonest as the lower court judges.

I also have experience in state courts.  Same story.  Dishonesty and corruption.

Please go into representing yourself with your eyes open.  Then be better prepared than the other party.  I will share my experience in subsequent blog articles.  If you are in a hurry, you can learn more on my website, Lawless America.

William M. Windsor

Please note: I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.  I am sharing the things I have learned from personal experience.


The Right to Represent Yourself in Court

You have the right to represent yourself in court.  When you represent yourself, you are called a “pro se” party.

The term “pro se” comes from Latin.  The literal meaning is “for oneself” or “on one’s own behalf.”  This may occur in any court proceeding.  This status may also be called propria persona (abbreviated to “pro per“).

The right to represent yourself has long been recognized in the U.S.  This right even predates the Constitution.

The right to represent yourself is not absolute, however.  Courts have claimed a right and duty to make a determination as to whether a particular individual is capable of legal representation.  Courts can inquire into a person’s lucidity and mental status and then make a ruling.