Find and Read the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Court’s Rules

You have the right to represent yourself, but with that comes the obligation that you comply with the law and the rules.

First, find and read the Rules of Civil Procedure for your state, if your case is in a state court.  If you are in federal court, read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Then find and read the rules for your court. Every court has rules, and you must comply with those rules as well as the state’s rules of civil procedure.  Check the website for your court, or ask the Clerk of Court to indicate where you can find the rules for your court.

You must comply with the Rules!

In my experience, the opposing party and the judge broke many rules.  I tried to know the rules, and I tried to follow the rules to the letter.

You should also be aware of the rules that attorneys and judges are SUPPOSED to comply with.  Review your state’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  These are published by your state Bar Association.

Also, study the Code of Judicial Conduct.  These will vary by state, and there is a different Code of Judicial Conduct for federal courts.

In my dealings, I found that the attorneys regularly violated a variety of provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct as did the judges.